Our First Story Time @ Yellow Dog Bookshop

A big hearty thank you to Captain / Librarian Julie Barnett, for docking her ship and being with us on dry land long enough to read some PIRATE themed stories in early celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day! We learned that treasure is more than just money… BOOKS… are also currency on the high seas… (thank your local librarian next time you see her/him- they do SUCH a good job!).

We will have Story Time once a month to start (and hopefully more as we go along!).

The next one will be October 12th at 4pm!

And thanks, Kelsey Kupferer, for capturing the magic of our first Story Time at the Yellow Dog Bookshop!


Happy Mail

I have always been a collector of images. My room as a child was covered in pictures of the latest heartthrob from Bop or Tiger Beat magazines or an image of a lonely stretch of beach from Surfer Magazine.  Now I collect artworks from local artists whom I try and support as much as I can.

I used to be the gift buyer at a great bookstore in California, Kepler’s Books & Magazines.  Sales reps would come to the store and I would relish the opportunity to go through their greeting card decks like trading baseball cards (need it, have it, want it, need it, have it, want it…).

Over the years I’ve amassed a giant collection of postcards and cards which I am now selling at Yellow Dog Bookshop.  When I was going through the boxes I’ve saved all these years, I felt like I was revisiting old friends and yet still I want to sell them at the bookshop.

I believe in a kind of magic you can experience through tangible objects (perhaps that’s one reason why I opened a bookshop) and so I believe in writing postcards and letters to people.  Receiving mail makes me tremendously happy and if you write to someone it’s more likely that you’ll get mail back…

(all postcards featured in this image are from our collection at Yellow Dog Bookshop)