Nap / Read

When readers have children they discover how much time those children suck up their reading time. We love our children. We really do… but we love our books too.

It’s not just the actual books that we miss, but the time hunting for books in the bookstore (without having to head to the kid’s section). It’s the dream of a stack of books on the bedside table that doesn’t include a Sandra Boynton board book (no matter how delightful they are). And it’s the feeling of being able to read uninterrupted with a bowl of ice cream in the living room (not at the kitchen table) without little tiny footsteps creeping down the stairs at night… catching you in the act (and requiring you to put the book down, return the spoon to your bowl, and explain that yes, parents sometimes eat dessert without their kids, and then starting the bedtime routine all over again).  Because we miss our books (and the ability to consume junk food without the kiddos catching us in the act), we invented the Nap / Read.


Oh! And those of us who relied on a daily or at least weekendly nap… well, that goes right out the window when your kiddos stop napping.  When you do finally get a chance to read you inevitably fall asleep because you’re sleep deprived from never getting to nap and catch up on your sleep.




The rules of Nap / Read are simple… You must bring more books than you can ever actually finish in a 24 hour period (because that’s about how long the average Nap / Read lasts for us).  You must pack an excess of junk food (all of the stuff you tell your kids is really bad for them and that they should NEVER eat).  You cannot watch TV (we advise NOT going on Nap / Read during March Madness if you’re basketball fans… you will be tempted to watch the madness the whole time you’re supposed to be READING).  You cannot… uh, well… spend your time doing things other than reading, eating junk, and falling asleep randomly whenever you feel like it.  In other words, save your “let’s reconnect time” for a different getaway (and maybe don’t bring as many books on that trip).



The short of it… we sit around and read and fall asleep and eat junk food in the same uninterrupted space. It’s absolute heaven.

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