An open letter to our dear old yellow dog

Dear Scout Dog,

Not only did we adopt you from Second Chance, we named you for one of our favorite characters in literature. And then, you know, we like, NAMED our business Yellow Dog Bookshop in honor of you.

You are so soft and sweet and empathetic. You deserve to have businesses named for you! Ice cream flavors named for you! Art contests held in your honor and so much more!

So why then, dearest Scout, did you eat ANOTHER book in our house? I know board books taste good… Our kids certainly thought they tasted good. But they grew out of that and yet here you are at the ripe old age of 9 and you’re still gnawing on cardboard.

We love you and we promise to always come home to you. We know you love us and miss us when we leave… You don’t need to show us by eating our books.

Joe, Kelsey, Bean, and Boo

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